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Hubei Jiayun Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.


Hubei Jiayun Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1998 and located in Liukou Industrial Park, Xiantao City, specializes in the production of paper making chemicals. We can provide a variety of chemicals and solutions to household papers, package papers, cultural papers and special papers. We have a standard laboratory, a central inspection room and DCS controlled production facilities with different specifications. In paper making chemical industry, our important customers include Hengan Paper, Leeman Paper, Asia Symbol, Chenming Paper, Rongcheng Paper, Shanying Paper, Yinge Paper and Golden Phoenix Paper. Our products are also exported into Southeast Asia in recent years.


We passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environment management system certification and OHSAS18000 certification in 2015. We own more than 10 patents, and were granted the certificate of high and new technology enterprise by Hubei Province Science and Technology Bureau in 2017.


We are a council member of China Paper Chemicals Industry Association and are awarded as “Xiantao City Contract and Credit Observing Enterprise”and “Xiantao City A Level Taxpayer”.


Our dry strength agents, wet strength agents and sizing agents enjoy high reputation in the industry, and we are well-known supplier of paper making chemicals in China.   


Since our establishment, we always pay high attention to the management of safety, environment protection and occupational health with the principle of “More Safe, More Environment-friendly and More Healthy”. Waste water is not produced in the process of our production. The waste water from cleaning packing drums and reactors is all sent to paper mills for reuse, realizing zero discharge of waste water and making contribution to enterprise’healthy and long-term development and society’s development of good environment.

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