Countermeasures to US’ Trade Barrier
  (The photo above shows a meeting between exporters in Hubei ...
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Countermeasures to US’ Trade Barrier


(The photo above shows a meeting between exporters in Hubei province, discussing countermeasures against US’ trade barrier)

On February 16th, 2018, U.S. Department of Commerce issued its research report on the steel and aluminum product imported into USA and proposed to Mr. Trump that tax and quota should be put onto imported steel and aluminum products.


On March 9th, 2018, Mr. Trump signed the order to tax imported steel and aluminum products by 25% and 10%, respectively.


On April 5, 2018, USA planned to add taxation to 100 billion USD’s commmodities imported from China.


Taxation cannonballs attacked China wave after wave, but we have no fear and fright. We are a strong economy and have many partners in the world. Since our way to U.S. market is heavily hindered, we are glad to tell ourselves and US that we still have many other options. We have broad prospect in South Asia, Southeast Asia and South America.


We are a professional manufacturer of paper making chemicals. We mainly produce amphoteric polyacrylamide dry strength agent, polyamide epichlorohydrin wet strength agent, and styrene acrylate cationic surface sizing agent. These paper making agents play important role in the process of paper making.


Southeast Asia and South America have their fame in rich forest resources. So our products find its performance in these two attention-attracting regions. Brazil is the world biggest pulp supplier and undoubtedly, enterpreneurs will give up no opportunity to make use of this endowed advantage to develop paper making industry there. And they need supply chain support from China. And Jiayun Chemical is right here to give this very complement.


In Indonesia, the biggest paper making company is APP. Now Jiayun Chemical is on the going about building up long-term cooperation with APP.


In Vietnam, Hubei Jiayun Chemical already signed up for VIETNAM PAPER 2019.


Therefore, USA’s trade barrier policy can do nothing but pushes China to develop more intimate cooperation relationship with other countries. And these partner countries can also gain practical and respectable benefits from China.

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